Copywriting and Press Release Consulting

Through our affiliates, we provide professional copywriting service. This service allows us to offer clients a cohesive plan for integrating copy on print materials as well as electronic communications.

Titan Marketing offers public relations and press release consulting from Nashville, Tennessee. Our PR programs focus on generating additional traffic to your web site to create new sales and marketing opportunities for your company. The press release can be a valuable tool for getting additional traffic to your site because a press release web page serves as an additional entry page into your site. Moreover, a press release page can be used to target specific keywords that your potential customers use on search engines, such as Google.

Press Release Consulting
A successful press release program adds value to a business by communicating targeted messages to current customers, prospective customers, shareholders and employees. With experience in the high-tech and telecommunications fields, we know how to translate technical jargon into understandable benefits. A well-written press release helps a company gain a competitive advantage because it helps a company build credibility and visibility as a leader in their respective marketplace. In addition, press releases play an important role in getting a higher ranking for your web site on search engines like Google, MSN, and Yahoo. By allowing Titan Marketing to craft and distribute your press release over the web, you can gain maximum exposure.

A professionally written press release can be the difference between high-visibility success and complete failure. While there are many factors that make a press release successful, including timing and real news value, professional technique is critical to your success. We have the experience to work with you to implement press release campaigns that yield positive results.

Titan Marketing has been responsible for Nashville-based Equinox Information Systems' press releases over the past few years. You can review these press releases at:

Please contact us to discuss your current public relations requirements and situation. We can work with your company to create and distribute press releases that will generate more traffic to your company.

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