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Titan Marketing is pleased to serve interior designers and interior design firms with web site solutions. As a company that is selling a design and look, interior designers should have a professional web site that accurately portrays their design philosophy.

Titan Marketing can work with you to understand your vision for the site and then create a web site that will be beautiful for your partners, clients, and potential clients. As an example, Titan Marketing worked with Nashville interior designer Molly Beeson to develop a web site that reflects her unique interior design taste and style. In addition, Molly's web site has several flash components which give the web site visitor a feeling of motion and energy.

The Molly B web site above is a custom web site for an interior designer. A custom web site means that the design was created by a graphic designer based on specific instructions from the client. A custom web design for an interior design firm is usually more expensive than a simpler template-based web design. The reason is that the process to finalize a design can be quite time-consuming, and most graphic designers charge based on an hourly rate (or time required to complete the project.)

Another good option for interior design firms is a template-based web design. Although good templates can be difficult to locate, Titan Marketing has experience identifying potential web designs for interior design firms. For example, all of the designs below are templates which can be customized to include your interior design firm logo, colors, and appropriate photos.

A template-based web design is a good option for those on a budget who don't have the resources or the desire to spend several thousand dollars on a custom web site design. Many times a template-based web design can be completed for less than 50% of the price of a custom interior web site design.

In addition to helping interior design firms with new or revamped web sites, Titan Marketing also works with interior designers to keep your web site current and well-maintained. If you are an interior design firm looking to make a splash with an eye-catching web site, then look no further than Titan Marketing. Call us at 615-469-1351 to request more information or click here to get an Interior Design Web Site Price Quote.

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