Email Marketing

Every organization should have a strategic plan for its email communications with clients, potential clients, employees, and partners. By allowing us to manage all of your email campaigns you can be sure that your electronic communications will generate results.

Our Process for Implementing Email Marketing Campaigns

The first step is to understand your goals and objectives as well as your current situation. Typical questions are:

  • How many email campaigns have you done in the past? Is email marketing a new thing at your company?
  • How many subscribers do you have? Will you be sending an email to 100, 500, 1000, 10,000, or 100,000 people? By understanding the scope of your email marketing, we can help you select the best email service provider for your organization.
  • Who is your audience? Will you be sending emails to various groups? How do you want the various constituent groups to perceive and interact with your business.

Designing a template for your email marketing campaigns

Depending on your answers to the questions above, we will design one or more email templates. Often, email templates are designed to complement other marketing communications, such as brochures, web sites, or trade show booths and graphics. By keeping email communications consistent with other organization communications, email marketing can elevate your brand and total communications program.

Email Marketing Case Study

Kotobukiya of Tokyo, Japan required an email communications program to interact with members of its fan club: Koto-Club. Below is the email template that we designed for Kotobukiya to match their website.

For more information on email marketing services, please contact us.

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