Brochure Design

Titan Marketing provides custom brochure design service for clients in Nashville, Tennessee and across the U.S. Our brochure designs emphasize intuitive, professional design as well as attention to detail to ensure your printed brochure looks fabulous.

By attention to detail, we mean that we take special care to prepare your brochure for press quality printing. For example, we check all images to ensure that they are high enough resolution for printing. We also pay special attention to colors and fonts and provide clients with options and explanations so that clients can make informed decisions. Our attention to detail ensures that your new brochure will print perfectly.

Brochure Technology & Software Employed

Although we do perform brochure projects for clients in Quark, we prefer to use Adobe InDesign for brochure projects. We have found that Adobe InDesign offers some more advanced and user-friendly features than Quark. In addition to InDesign, we regularly use Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator to support elements in a brochure design project.

In any event, we encourage you to contact us to describe your upcoming brochure project. It would be our pleasure to provide you with a price quote after understanding your brochure requirements.

Why use us for Brochure Design?

  • Speed - We'll design your brochure in record time. If you need it fast, you have found the right design firm.
  • Committment to Excellence - Your brochure is not finalized until you are 100% satisfied. Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed (or your money back!)
  • Experience - We have worked with numerous organizations to arrive at innovative brochure design solutions. Previous clients include: Corporate Waste Systems, Alliance Construction, and Eureka Exhibits (Be the Dinosaur project).
  • Reasonable Cost - You'll find that we charge reasonable prices for top quality design work.

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